Chembarathi Flower From Kerala

Chembarathi Flower From Kerala

Chembarathi or Chemparathi or Hibiscus Rosasinensi flower from kerala….
The Hibiscus is used as an offering to God Kali and Lord Ganesha in Hindu worship in Kerala.

Hibiscus Rosasinensis (chembarathi or chemparathi) is an ornamental plant seen in almost all parts of Kerala. Its Latin name, rosa-sinensis translates into the rose of China or Chinese rose. This flower is predominant in almost all parts of India and China. Hibiscus is renowned for its beauty as well as its medicinal uses, and gardeners mostly cultivate the plant for its showy flowers.


nice chemparathi chembarathi


16 thoughts on “Chembarathi Flower From Kerala

  1. Hibiscus ……… ; 🙂 a typical garden variety here in Florida too! As far back as my childhood I remember them growing everywhere. The one thing I didn’t know about Hibiscus until recently , is that squirrels LOVE them . I guess it takes care of their sweet tooth. 🙂 Or maybe they bring them to their latest lovey! Anyway, They are so cute running away from the plant with a pretty flower in their mouth.

    • I never see a Squirrels on the hibiscus plant in Kerala…Your experience in childhood is very nice..Her in Kerala,there are very wide varieties and color of glad to share it’s beauty with you…

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